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Mental Health & Well-Being - How Neuroscience Informs Learning Outcomes

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Staff and Parents
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One Day
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The importance of the Mental Health and Well-Being of young people and adults is a priority in all educational settings with a need to develop a pro-active approach to the issues involved. Inoculation is the key to preventing these issues, in the form of high-quality education, training and resources. This one day programme looks at the current data available on mental health issues; it also looks at a mental health audit for staff and young people as well as educational activities to increase well-being in both. Further focus is given to risky activities such as online behaviours and financial pressures and how to deal with these. The course will also look at accessing pathways to help and developing a whole-school policy on Mental Health & Well-Being.The course will include the latest information on neuroscience with information on teaching emotional regulation and emotional literacy, showing how this links to more successful learning outcomes and allows young people to engage in the learning process.

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