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Thursday, June 23, 2022

Seventh Wave partners with Credersi

Seventh Wave Corporate Training Ltd is delighted to announce its partnership with Credersi, one of the world’s most advanced providers of training and educational programmes. Our first exciting collaboration has resulted in an innovative Values-Based Recruitment course aimed at HR professionals, senior managers and anyone with an interest in maximising the contribution that recruitment makes to the ESG values of their company (Environmental, Social Impact and Governance).

Adrian Sladdin, Director at Seventh Wave Corporate Training explained, “The way you recruit into your organisation has never been more important. The values you promote and claim as your own, have to align with those your business espouses and lived by your employees. VBR training ensures that you recruit the best and most diverse applicants and retain them for the long term”.

Andy Lord, CEO of Credersi echoed the sentiment “This VBR course imparts the essential skills needed to recruit in a fair and professional manner. The good practice learning it imparts is not only good for business, it boosts the triple bottom line: contributing to profits, a productive workplace culture, and prestige in the marketplace”

Credersi will market and place the product with their array of global organisations and Seventh Wave will deliver a blended training course which includes prior learning through an online platform and a facilitator led workshop, leading to an OfQual backed Level 3 Qualification.

Our first training course commences on Thursday 7th July. Email for more information!

Adrian Sladdin

Seventh Wave Director

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