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Ainhoa Valero

Ainhoa Valero

Business Development Officer

Ainhoa is an eighteen-year-old undergraduate student at Comillas University, in Madrid where she is currently taking the Philosophy and Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) double degree. This degree combines the study from these three different disciplines while keeping the main focus on the philosophical branch.  

As an interdisciplinary student, she is concerned about political, social and environmental issues. In her last two school years, she took part on the student council and was responsible for helping the board of the school make more sustainably decisions. She has also volunteered at nursing homes and cleaning the countryside.

Fluent in English, she has taken part in four different exchange experiences, two in Sheffield, one in New York and another Erasmus + one where she went to Croatia to learn about their eco-friendly school policies.

With a small corporation experience, Ainhoa is looking forward to learn how the business world works and how, with a good training, we can make the world we all live in a better place.