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Feite Hofman

Feite Hofman

European Partner

Feite Hofman suffered from a gambling addiction for almost over 25 years, and managed to stop gambling in 2010, following the twelve steps programme at Anonymous Gamblers in the Netherlands. At present he is a member of the board at the organisation AGOG Netherlands, and leads on a weekly basis the group of Anonymous Gamblers in the East of Holland, Arnhem. Five years ago, he started the organisation ‘Pas op Gamen en Gokken’, which translates as: ‘Watch out for Gaming and Gambling’, an awareness organisation in the Netherlands which has educated hundreds of teachers, and thousands of teenagers and students about the risks of gaming or gambling too much.

With this organisation he won the ‘Responsible Gaming Initiative of the year’, an official price given by the leading platform ‘Gaming in Holland’, the gambling branch organization in the Netherlands. He is also in demand as a speaker at conferences about gaming or gambling and in the media.

Cooperating with addiction care organisation ‘Mondriaan’, situated in Limburg in the South of the country, Feite has trained over seven hundred casino-workers in more than a hundred Responsible Gambling & Prevention trainings, which Dutch casinos need in order to keep or obtain their license. He has delivered similar sessions for clients including Stoiximan, Betano and Kindred. Other clients include Jansshen-Hahnratts, Fair-Play Casinos, Holland-Casino, Play-World Casino and Casino Suikerland.

Feite also advises casinos both land-based and online with their Responsible Gambling departments, always listening to his heart. ‘Remember, you’re money comes from people, who have parents and a family. Not everybody is a happy gambler, in fact most are not’ is his leading motif.