Integrity & Compliance Faculty

Compliance, Control & Catastrophe

Start thinking about risks, making better decisions and applying the lessons of the past, enabling you to move forward responsibly to meet your strategic goals.

This half-day workshop is aimed at all those with a responsibility for managing teams of people in target-driven organizations committed to growth and success.


Integrity failures in organizations, whether through fraud, corruption, money laundering, cartels, environmental crimes, sexual harassment or other forms of law-breaking activity threaten jobs, security, reputations, financial stability and shareholder value and invite the just condemnation of the affected communities in which those organizations operate. Now more than ever, organizations need to be able to rely on managers at all levels to be able to identify the early warning signs of an integrity related problem and to know how to think and react appropriately – both with their teams and with their bosses.


After defining the parameters of the phrase “business integrity”, participants look at examples of integrity failure in different sectors and analyse common themes and features from each. They then explore the types of forces and pressures in play both prior to and immediately following the discovery (or suspected discovery) of a potential integrity related problem and discuss the practical and personal challenges of handling those forces. Finally, they develop and adopt an ‘action template’ to inform and guide future behaviour for both their own and their organization’s benefit.

Half-Day Course
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