Communication & Presentation Faculty

The Art of Explaining

Our use of language dictates our working practices and its success or failure. How good are we at communicating?

If you want to create communications that achieve your goals, this is for you. Perhaps you’re looking to make the right impact with a proposal, pitch or presentation. You could be writing a report that needs to make the complex simple. Or you may have a team that would really benefit from writing better emails. This workshop is designed to work for you, whatever your professional field or communication challenge.


In a noisy world we ignore all but a fraction of the communications directed at us, and then make rapid judgements based more on tone than content. This workshop provides a simple and versatile solution, enabling you as communicator to remove the noise and offer your message in a way that achieves your outcome.


The workshop takes you through a four-step process for effective communication, with a series of activities, conversations and briefings. While the method offered by The Art of Explaining works for every communication (and is currently used by a number of PLC companies), everything in your session will be focused on your particular communication goals, providing an opportunity for you to review and develop your own work in progress.

One-Day Course
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