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Seventh Wave Corporate Training

The Seventh Wave is the most powerful to hit the shore and also a symbol of our eternal fascination with the mystical number seven. We also believe our training is powerful when you meet it for the first time - dynamic, engaging and engendering positive change. We offer both in-house training as well as on-line training, making our offer accessible to all our clients around the world.

At Seventh Wave Corporate Training we offer the most impactful array of in-house corporate training by assembling the very best expert trainers in their field, as well as a range of different areas from which you can select the best training for your organisation. We also have an absolute adherence to an ethical approach to what we say and what we deliver. That's why everything is focused not just on what we must do, but what we should do!

Our team has worked in Africa, China, America, Pakistan and across most of Europe on a range of different training initiatives, giving us the international reach and experience which clients love. We also work with the United Nations on Responsible Leadership so we're confident that we can cover your needs on how you run your business.

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"Management is doing things right;
Leadership is doing the right things."

- Peter F. Drucker
what we do

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leadership & management
Innovate your organisational leadership and management and energise your working practices through our training workshops.
communication & presentation
Our use of language dictates our working practices and its success or failure. How good are we at communicating?
creative empowerment
77% of employees believe that creativity is the most important skill in the 21st Century workplace. Can we teach creativity in our organisations?
The most effective teams are the ones in which people understand the skills for working together but how do we learn and deliver these?
organisational change
Many organisations are effective in dealing with the business of change but how do we implement this successfully?
integrity & compliance
Start thinking about risks, making better decisions and applying the lessons of the past, enabling you to move forward responsibly to meet your strategic goals.
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Trusted Partners

Dulwich College
JP Morgan
Young International Leadership
Aspire Education Group
All-In Diversity Project
Nisai Learning

Excellently presented and produced, it has given a deeper sense of responsibility to ensure we carry out our duties to the fullest to protect everyone the negatives of gambling and ensuring it remains a pleasant experience for all.”

“The trainers were well prepared and professional. The training helped me to have an inside look on the customers perspective and the real issues behind gambling and why safeguarding is important.”

“Adrian did a fantastic job of initiating fruitful discussion with various perspectives shared on most questions. He is a fabulously articulate and engaging trainer with a great understanding and passion for the issues he covers. He’s lovely too!””