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sometimes training isn't the answer, ask us about our consultancy & advice service

At Seventh Wave Corporate Training, despite it being in our name, we don't always think training is the answer to your needs. Sometimes some focused support is more appropriate. We offer a full range of professional consultancy across a range of disciplines, including advice on matters of legal and compliance.

we are able to offer the following amongst many, many others...
project management
long-term project
company structuring & re-structuring
mentoring & life coaching
legal advice
legal & compliance advice

We are happy to have initial informal conversations with you to assess your needs as well as carry out organisational audits to identify gaps in skills, knowledge and competences. Although we will try to find you the right expert from within our team, we also have access to a large network of fellow professionals who can help you with your enquiries. In general, our team of consultants can offer a variety of different professional services as well as build an on-going relationship with you and your team through the course of any agreed work. Prices are negotiable with individual consultants on our website with emails and mobile phone numbers available. For general enquiries, please contact our info email address and we will reply with initial advice and guidance.

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