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Friday, April 21, 2023

Seventh Wave Moves Into Conferences

You may have noticed that the team at Seventh Wave has been busier than usual over the last twelve months, much of this caused by our entry into the world of conference organisation, mostly allied to the needs of the gambling industry, and much of it centred around Environmental, Social & Governance, as well as questions around safer gambling and anti-crime measures. We have joined forces with our colleagues at KnowNow to organise its six monthly conferences in the UK as well as worked directly to create the Ethical Gambling Forum in Gibraltar with conferences on ESG and D & I in 2023.

We continue to offer world-class training and consultancy to our many clients, as well as offer one-off solutions and bespoke training to other clients from our office in Russell Square London. Keep watching our website and social media to see what we are dong next.

Adrian Sladdin


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