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Affordability in Gambling

Understanding the current regulatory position on affordability and how this might evolve

This two day training is aimed at Senior Leaders and Managers across key departments in Gaming and Gambling Companies with responsibilities for ensuring that affordability requirements are understood and actioned. It is also aimed at the Player Protection team in line with their responsibilities to look after customers through safer gambling strategies and player protection initiatives. This training can be used as part of an annual mandatory review and as proof of meeting regulatory requirements globally.


“…… it may be worth considering that the Commission does not currently consider that a threshold in excess of £2000 would be realistic or appropriate, and indeed the evidence base may point to a threshold considerably below this. This is linked back to the evidence about discretionary income which shows that 98% of population have less discretionary income than this threshold …… we are not – based on the evidence so far – considering a ‘licence to gamble’ which would require affordability checks to be conducted as a solely pre-emptive action for all consumers. This may indicate that the lowest possible threshold is likely to be at least £100 loss per calendar month”. Gambling Commission, current Call for Evidence


Understand the current regulatory position on affordability and how this might evolve. Understand red flags for affordability. Be aware of what they need to know about customer finances. Have confidence to ask appropriate questions of customers. Have clear understanding of what to do with the information they uncover. Be able to link the work they do in this area to positive business outcomes. Be equipped to balance affordability issues, the prevention of gambling related harm and customer retention. "I really enjoyed the course and it was nice to have the two different tracks. For me it was really helpful, I learned a lot and it was great that it was interactive. I think that's the best way to pick up the information."

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