Environmental, Social and Governance Introductory Training

Everything You Need To Know About ESG

For senior leaders and those working in HR, ESG is the most important acronym of the moment. Any ESG strategy must pay attention to multiple strands of both content but also of how this is viewed and reported. Participants on this course will need to have ownership of environmental, social and governance strategy to benefit from the workshop which outlines the thinking behind ESG but also how to implement this successfully in your business.


Auditing Your Business around ESG – Every business needs an ESG strategy and our introductory course is the best way of achieving this? Who do we trust to do this, what accreditation should they have and why must we tread carefully around ESG? Our introduction to ESG allows you to develop your company strategy successfully as well as understand how the three parts work both independently of each other as well as in harmony with your greater business targets.


Green Agenda – How well is the gaming industry doing in meeting the green agenda? Have lessons been learned from COP26? What are the key initiatives for the next ten years? Ethical Behaviours – There is a sharp line between what we have to do and what we should do? Legal Behaviours regarding governance – Crime, compliance and governance are key drivers in the ESB push. What should the industry be doing in order to ensure that it is adopting best practice in these areas?

One Day
Webinar (via Zoom)