ESG Reporting & Communication

Essential ESG Communication Skills

This Course is designed for the communications and sustainability teams who are charged with imbedding their organisation’s Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) strategies and initiatives. This high-level course will provide them with an informed roadmap to shape their ESG communications strategy and will enable them to tell their company’s ESG story effectively. The session is delivered by Gihan Hyde, Founder of Communique, UK’s leading ESG communication consultancy and one of the advisors to the ESG Foundation. 


The Covid pandemic escalated the importance for businesses to act responsibly. Without a clear ESG communication plan and execution, businesses will not gain and retain the best talent, will not attract more and better customers and will not be desirable for investors. The data is clear, 1 in 3 customers will only buy products that are sustainable, 84% of the global investors have redesigned their Asset Under Management portfolios into greener ones, 60% of Gen Z employees stated that they will not work for an organisation that does not have a clear ESG strategy. 


Now is the time to consider what needs to be done to elevate and share an organisation’s ESG story. This course will include several case studies of the good, the bad and the ugly ESG communications initiatives. It will also look at the best practices to communicate ESG effectively, the best report writing practices, the best times to publish ESG reports, and the best practices to win the hearts and minds of the audience and employees. 

4 hours
Webinar (via Zoom)