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Diversity and Ethical Business in the Twenty-First Century

The workshop is aimed at staff at all levels in a given organisation. These issues around Diversity & Ethical Business can be challenging for everyone and the training will spend some time imparting ways to navigate them openly and honestly. Delegates should join with the expectation that the session will allow them the freedom to explore the issues in a safe space where respect takes precedence over political correctness.


Diversity is a given and a blessing. Deployed effectively it can transfuse an organisation with fresh energies and fuel innovation. However, if diversity is neglected and left unmanaged misunderstandings, discontent and conflict can begin to interrupt the smooth running of a business. Our team has decades of experience assisting organisations to understand and manage the challenges and benefits of diversity. Whatever your requirements, from equality strategies, through to impact assessments and training we can support your organisation to reap the benefits of diversity.


The training will take the form of a free ranging discussion walking through the historical and cultural landscape of race relations, and insights into the events that have led up to the Black Lives Matter movement. a rich source of lived experience .The workshop explores some of the issues surrounding race and culture. The training will be led by Joel O’Loughlin, a diversity specialist, with extensive experience of transformational training interventions. The training will be a combination of engaging activities and thought provoking information with the clear intention of creating a common purpose toward beneficial change. 

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