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PML Refresher Course - UK Land-Based Casinos

PML Maintenance and Renewal: Ensuring the Board and PML Holders Are Held Accountable - Presented by Debbie Green & Adrian Sladdin

The one-day programme is aimed at all PML holders and members of the board who are responsible for this aspect of business.The course is not company specific and will equip the PML holder with the knowledge required to be able to work in any UK land based casino and be PML ready before internal policies and procedures are a factor.


PML maintenance is generally seen as a renewal of the licence every five years and the assumption that the holder has kept themselves up to date with regulation. This can often be a misplaced confidence and has been seen to be an area that is lacking in the fundamental basic knowledge required by a PML holder. A great deal of time and effort will have been put into training before the application for a PML occurs, however, we need to address the longevity of this training and how to ensure refreshing regularly is imperative. The Gambling Commission have published new guidance which states that operators must appoint a senior executive who holds a personal management licence (PMLs) to oversee their respective scheme - making individuals personally accountable.


Objective of the course: To instil confidence and assurance to the Board (who have recently been pinned for accountability) that their PML holders are fully equipped with the knowledge required to uphold their responsibilities as a PML holder. To instil confidence to PML holders that they have responsibilities, what they are and the need to question when something is not as it should be. To be able to defend why something is in place/available/not allowable The three licensing objectives are covered with in depth discussion of what falls into each one. Mandatory conditions GA05 and generic LA03 are discussed-listed, explained with a where is this, go get it, lets look at it, what does it tell us type of discussion for each area LGRA-explanation of what this is and knowing who maintains it MLRO-importance of knowing who this is and how to contact DPS-importance of knowing who this is and what the role is DPO-importance of knowing who this is and what this role is

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