Responsible Gambling Faculty

Problem Gambling: Understanding Your Customer Needs

Problem gambling is a major issue for the industry to address, this training workshop allows colleagues to develop a thorough understanding of the signs of addiction

This one day workshop will focus on current issues unique to the gambling industry as well as the essential knowledge and skills needed by colleagues to understand customer needs with regard to problem gamblers. It is particularly aimed at anyone working as part of the player experience directly or in a corporate role with a focus on both legal and ethical responsibilities. This applies to both new and more experienced employees in a customer-facing role or those working in safer gambling departments.


The gambling industry is unique in its desire to offer a range of fantastic player experiences as well as recognising the need to look after the well-being of its customers. Problem gambling is now, however, a major issue for the industry to address and this training workshop will allow colleagues to develop a thorough understanding of the signs of addiction, playing experience and behavioural issues, and how this can lead to better safeguarding strategies in the company.


This workshop will focus on the following areas: How to Prioritise Safeguarding; Science and the Psychology of the Player; How to Recognise Markers of Harm; Problem Gamblers & Pathways to Help; Embracing a Culture of Change. The training is interactive, allowing colleagues to engage in a range of activities, including scenario-based learning, knowledge and skills assessment, filmed examples and discussions & presentations. There is also the opportunity to share information and best practice as well as identify areas for personal and organisational improvement through change management.

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