Values-Based Recruitment

Fair Recruitment and Selection

Training hiring managers in equal opportunities, diversity, employment law, interview skills and avoiding unconscious bias is essential. This course ensures they understand the organisation’s diversity aspirations and are able to comply with its value-based selection criteria. Participants will complete a Level 3 Ofqual-regulated Qualification as part of this training.


The death of George Floyd has caused an upswell in conversations about race and diversity globally. The MeToo movement sent similar shockwaves through society causing organisations to review how women are treated within their businesses. Clearly there is a pressing case for companies to focus on how they respond to Diversity and Ethical Business. A response commensurate with the social movements that are taking place requires focused attention on: leadership, people, systems, stakeholders, resources, society, carbon-emission and business results. Seventh Wave Corporate Training has decades of experience assisting professional people to create a sense of urgency around their Diversity & Ethical Business practice. The Fair Recruitment & Selection programme seeks to develop professionals’ understanding of the challenges and benefits of diversity, and skills them up to be fair and competent recruiters.


The objective of this course is to develop the skills and understanding to use values-based recruitment practices and tools and apply them in a manner that achieves fair and equitable outcomes. On completion of the programme colleagues will have:  a clear understanding of the meaning of VBR;  an understanding of the recruitment process cycle, from initial identification of roles to hiring new colleagues, as well as the promotion and retention of staff;  a recognition of best practice in VBR; and  an understanding of the techniques and tools available to them in the VBR context and demonstrate a practical deployment of these in scenario-based learning.

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