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Thursday, November 26, 2020

Diversity & Ethical Business

Whilst a lot of training providers have become determined to offer the standard training on Diversity and Inclusion as well as Unconscious Bias, the team at Seventh Wave has been looking at a more nuanced and effective suite of training, all of it clustered around the term 'Diversity and Ethical Business', with a view to rolling this out in tandem with its new Diversity Dividend. This focus allows organisations to move beyond a box-ticking exercise and to look at the twin drivers of implementing fundamental change around a number of ethical issues and that of delivering effective business outcomes. The two need to be intertwined in all areas of a business, from board level to HR, from new starters to experience staff, and crucially the buy-in needs to start at the top. However, it also needs to be adopted for the right reasons and in an atmosphere of understanding and compassionate leadership. It is also vital that Diversity & Ethical Business is sustainable in an organisation and not a passing trend. For all the team at Seventh Wave, it is also the understanding that training in this area needs to be high-quality, engaging, non-judgemental and, say it quietly, enjoyable, which is why we only have the very best people on our team. We also only work in partnership with tried and trusted organisations. If you want to find out more about our work visit 'Our Training' on this website. For news on the Diversity Dividend following

Adrian Sladdin

Co-owner & Director

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