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Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Room At The Top

Seventh Wave is a corporate consulting firm with the insights and expertise required to achieve diversity and inclusion in the higher ranks of the companies we work with. We specialise in delivering high quality strategies which are attuned to achieving Diversity & Ethical Business in a corporate environment. We work in tandem with DWC our sister company to offer high quality solutions to clients experiencing leadership and inclusion challenges.

DWC Consulting majors on leadership and professional development and has a growing Executive Search and Selection division which focuses on diverse appointments to senior positions. The work covers the range of strategic, analytical, process and implementation issues facing clients. Inclusive practice is a central organisation principle which enables the consultancy to deliver peoplecentred services.

Our teams have worked in Africa, China, Caribbean, United States, Pakistan and across most of Europe on a range of leadership and change management programmes, giving us the unique insights and reach demanded by modern clients. We have worked with luminaries such as Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Reverend Jesse Jackson and Jane Goodall. We are also very gratified to have been selected to work with the United Nations on Responsible Leadership.

The ‘One by 2021’ campaign in the 2017 Parker Review set an objective, calling on FTSE 100 companies to have at least one minority ethnic director on their board by 2021. This is now past its sell-by-date. Although there has been some progress there is still much more that businesses need to do to reach this significant milestone. Over a third of FTSE 100 firms confirmed in 2020 that they had no ethnic minority representation at board level. In a wider sphere the campaign set a target for the FTSE 250 companies to achieve having at least one ethnic minority director on their boards by 2024. Currently almost 66% have not achieved this.  

We believe it is time for revitalising the principles behind this initiative and are engaging with government and businesses to increase the sense of urgency. We are not primarily concerned with the reasons for inertia; enough has been done on that score. What is needed now is pragmatic and iterative action to hasten the pace of change. Action changes things.  

‘Room at the Top’ is designed to provide a suite of strategic interventions and development programmes aimed at addressing underrepresentation in the higher echelons of major corporations. It will assist companies to show measurable results in the diversity of its leadership cadre in a short space of time. Companies signed up to ‘Room at the Top’ will gain access to:

§    Dedicated Executive Search for Black Asian & Minority Ethnic leaders.

§    Fast-track advancement programmes for diverse talent.

§    Public relations strategies which attract the interest of diverse talent.

§    Support to build inclusive and highly productive workplaces.

§    Values-Based     Recruitment     Practitioner


§    Recognition for achievements at the prestigious Room at the Top Awards.

For more information, please contact:

Adrian Sladdin

Director, Seventh Wave

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