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Our training offers are available not only via in-person sessions, but also online via unique e-learning platforms, or webinars.

Expert Team

Our expert team have over 30 years experience within various educational fields, from teaching to safeguarding.

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Our team have a vast array of different training courses, but if you're after something unique we can write one for you!

about the seventh wave education group

At the Seventh Wave Education Group we have a very simple approach to training. Every training session is engaging, interactive and engenders beneficial change! All the members of our team, experts in their educational field, have a rich understanding of the training which both students and teachers need, based on our own recent experiences and research. Our team comes from a variety of educational backgrounds including work in schools, colleges, universities, awarding bodies and major educational charities, all of which has been used to create our unique curriculum and materials.

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Our Courses

All our training courses are unique, and are continuously updated and developed to ensure your receive the best workshop possible.
All of our training courses are refreshed constantly to ensure they contain the most up-to-date research.
Every training course is peer-assessed by our entire team to ensure it is only of the highest quality.
We use industry-leading training techniques to ensure you get the best possible workshop.

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Kemp House, 160 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX
Send us an email at info@seventhwavetraining.co.uk.
If you'd rather talk to one of our sales team in person, you can call us anytime between 0900-1700 on +44 (0) 7568 733722.

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